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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Kelvin Geary Headteacher
Picture 2 Lis Gould Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Emma Grinyer Assistant Headteacher
Picture 4 Sue Barsby SENco & Inclusion Manager
Picture 5 Tom Chappell Year 6 Leader
Picture 6 Favill Gill Year 6 Class Teacher
Picture 7 Kelly Wright Year 6 Teacher
Picture 8 Katie Paton Year 5 Leader
Picture 9 Clive Wallis Year 5 Teacher
Picture 10 Emma Richards Year 5 Teacher
Picture 11 Charlotte Sampson Year 4 Leader
Picture 12 Nathan Collins Year 4 Class Teacher
Picture 13 Kimberley Evemy Year 4 Class Teacher
Picture 14 Jo Kendall Year 3 Leader
Picture 15 Eliza Chatwin Year 3 Teacher
Picture 16 Emma Romley Year 3 Teacher
Picture 17 Adam Buckland Teacher
Picture 18 Sue Richardson Teacher
Picture 19 Pauline Williams PPA Teacher
Picture 20 Debbie Gallagher PPA Teacher
Picture 21 Andrew Davies PPA Teacher
Picture 22 Jayne Soakell PPA Teacher
Picture 23 Rebecca Symons PPA Teacher
Picture 24 Maggie Cosby Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Shelley Batt Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Trudie Birkbeck Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Clare Fulbrook Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Christie Holton Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Hayley Latham Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Julie Macauley Teaching Assistant
Picture 31 Tracey Mead Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Kirsty Pavel Teaching Assistant
Picture 33 Sally Pike Teaching Assistant
Picture 34 Carly Print Teaching Assistant
Picture 35 Donna Procter Teaching Assistant / ELSA
Picture 36 Sarah Segar Teaching Assistant
Picture 37 Cathy Weston Teaching Assistant
Picture 38 Clare White Teaching Assistant
Picture 39 Claire Sirmulis Family Support Worker
Picture 40 Chris Nash Finance and Admin Manager
Picture 41 Helen Wilson Admin Officer
Picture 42 Angie Lilley Admin Assistant
Picture 43 Sandra Seeley Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assist
Picture 44 Lynn Barry Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner
Picture 45 Tina Woodford Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 46 Corinne Pattison Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 47 Yvonne Steen Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 48 Debbie Morgan Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 49 Andrea Mawson Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 50 Rebecca Lee Luchtime Supervisor and Cleaner
Picture 51 Heidi Siverthorne Breakfast Club & Lunchtime Sup
Picture 52 Kerry Fry Breakfast Club Supervisor
Picture 53 Louise Martin Breakfast Club Supervisor
Picture 54 Louise Matthias Breakfast Club Supervisor
Picture 55 Mel Whitfield Cleaner
Picture 56 Ruth Turner Cleaner