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Monday 6th April


Physical Activity

(20-30 minutes)

This could be anything that gets the heart rate going! Skipping, jogging, walking, HIIT, trampolining...


TT Rockstars

(10-15 minutes) 

x and ÷ facts practice (Click on TT image) 


5-a-day + Fluent in 5

(15 minutes)

Fluent in 5 (see Friday's task below) 5-a-day (see Friday's task below - choose Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum (Answers for both tasks are below too). Copy into your blue book or onto paper. You don't need to print them, unless you have the capacity to! (Thank you to Corbett Maths and 3rd Space Learning)


Online Learning

(40-60 minutes)

Complete 2 CENTURY ‘nuggets’ for maths and/or 2 homeworks from MyMaths



(10-15 minutes)

Visit and end the week with practise of the letter string ough and test yourself using the website too. 



(15-20 minutes)

Standard English: Adverbs (see task below - prompt for adults and answers are below too) Copy from the sheet and answer in your blue books. (Thank you to Schofield & Sims



English writing task

(60 minutes)

Instructions: How to clean a teenager's bedroom. Create a set of instructions (or information text) about how to clean a teenager's bedroom. Use the prompt below to help. Record in your blue books, on paper or in a Word document. 



(30 minutes+)

Today, listen to someone read a book; either through an audio book or from a real-life person! 




(60 minutes)

It's (strangely) the last day of term, so to see out this week, put together a party playlist to see the weekend in! End today with a party and celebrate all the hard work you've put in keeping your learning going! You deserve it!





(30 minutes)

Yoga, Pilates, colouring in, have a chat (FaceTime), Lego…